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Alice in chains man in the box' into third eye blind 'jumper'

I think I’ll be in love with you forever
The soft waves in your hair from the weight of your mind on my bed
The tremble in your fingers as the lock into my steady ones
Your drunk and wobbly knees as you cry that they cannot support you any longer
Please don’t worry
When they fail you
You can use me as a crutch
Stumble through life with your arms slung over my shoulders
I am stronger than atlas
Because you are more precious than this whole world

I think I’ll be in love with you forever
As the blood flows out of my mouth
From a tongue bitten too long
As the sanity in me shrivels to nothingness
And is filled with your frosty cheeks
Your icy stares into nothingness
Tell me where you go
I will follow
I will follow
I will always follow

I think - j Marie © (via jmarieproductions)

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I want chocolate chip cookies and someone to go down on me

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